AMAZING! Convert Your Weak or Dead Batteries Into a New Battery!
A Truly Amazing New Way
To Create a New Powerful Battery
From Your Old Cordless Tool Batteries
Everyone Has 2 or More Dead or Weak Tool Batteries - Convert Them Into A New Battery! - Our Plans Show You How!

Law says we must recycle our weak or dead tool batteries

Recycling means disposing of your batteries to a company that will grind them up into their base materials and make a profit by doing so. You get no $$$ in return.

But wait! - Now there really is a way for you to get some big benefits from your old expensive tool batteries!

Our plans show you how to build a Rambo Battery™ that will use the good cells from your weak or dead tool batteries

You Will Learn How To:

  • separate the good cells from the bad
  • easily connect them into a new powerful battery
  • run all your cordless tools - any brand - any voltage

With our Rambo Battery™ Plans, you will learn how to get good cells FREE and how to build a new battery to run all your tools - any brand - any voltage

What's Inside a Typical Tool Battery?

What's Inside a Tool Battery?

When you open a battery you will find a series of cells in a cluster.

Each cell is 1.2 volts
It takes 16 single cells to build a 19.2 volt cell cluster as shown to the right.

You can use the good cells from many batteries to build one Rambo Battery™

cell cluster removed from craftsman 19.2 EX battery
Why People Don't Rebuild Their Batteries

Here is a Dewalt 18 volt cell cluster.

The cells are connected together using flat metal strips. Top and Bottom of the battery have cells connected like this.

Try to figure out where the metal strips go! It's confusing and holding the cells in the correct position is hard without a jig.

These are reasons people don't rebuild their own batteries. The other reason is that you need an expensive spot welder to connect the metal strips to the cells.

cell cluste from dewalt xr 18 volt nicad battery
The New Rambo Battery™ is Easy to Build
How Are The Cells Used in a Rambo Battery™?

When you cut the thin metal connecting strips, you will have a bunch of single 1.2 volt cells.

The Rambo Battery™ plans will show you how to test and save the good cells from your old batteries.

To the right are 12 good cells from 2 old batteries that I will use to make a 14.4 volt battery.

cell cluster removed from craftsman 19.2 EX battery
Inserting the Good Cells into the Bandoleer

The Rambo Battery™ is made with elastic and velcro, so anyone can build it.

You insert the cells into the elastic pockets on the belt. Just push them in! Some wiring and soldering and it's ready.8 cells for 9.6 volt, 10 cells for 12 volt, 12 cells for 14.4 volt, 15 cells for 18 volt, etc.

The Rambo Battery™ Plans show you step by step with great detail, so even the total amateur can build this.

cell cluste from dewalt xr 18 volt nicad battery
Connecting Cells Together Is Easy Now

Here you can see the 12 cells connected in an easy to comprehend straight line.

Now, it is simple for anyone to connect the cells and be able to verify the connections are correct after soldering.

Replacing a cell is simple too. You'll be able to run this battery forever!

rambo battery with reused cells from dewalt batteries
Testing The 14.4 Volt Rambo Battery™

This Rambo Battery™ should measure at least 14.4 volts. It measures 16.25 volts after a short charge using my standard Firestorm charger.

I can now use this same battery for any brand of tool including Dewalt, Craftsman, Black and Decker, Makita, Milwaukee, Bosch, Ryobi, Hitachi, Skil, and all others. No Limits!

Of course our Rambo Battery™ online Plans show you much more detail, along with videos for the basics like striping wire and soldering.

Testing the voltage of 14.4 volt rambo battery
I Love This Idea - But How Do I Charge It?
Connecting and Charging Your New Battery

A battery adapter, like the one to the right, is easy to make.

You start with a battery housing that you removed the cell cluster from.

You add wires and a connector (we sell wired connectors if you need one) and it will connect your new Rambo Battery™ to your tools and your charger.

To charge your Rambo Battery™ you just plug the battery adapter into your charger as you always have. It's that simple!

cell cluster removed from craftsman 19.2 EX battery

I made the new Rambo Battery™ for 14.4 volts to run my Firestorm drills and saws.

Our plans also show you how to make a Multi-Voltage Rambo Battery™ that switches easily to 3 different voltages, so you can run a 19.2 volt tool and a 14.4 volt tool and a 12 volt tool - all from the same battery!

Actually, any 3 voltages - 7.2, 9.6, 10.8, 13.2, 15.6, 18, etc. that you set the battery to output. It's that easy!

cell cluste from dewalt xr 18 volt nicad battery
Will My New Battery Be Powerful?

Your New Battery will be very strong - you won't be able to hold the drill chuck.

Our plans show you how to use only the strong cells and not the weak or dead cells. You will be amazed at how powerful the good used cells perform.

Whether you use new cells or used cells the Rambo Battery™ and the Porta-Pak™ Battery are easy to build and universal to all your tools.

The Plans are detailed with large pictures for each step, so even beginners can easily build this.

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